Truthfully, you have never written so much about yourself in your entire life.

In all your years of schooling you just felt as though you have not had a voice for yourself. If at any point you did have something to say, it has always been the correct voice for society or one that your peers and teachers have wanted to hear from you.

Despite all the writing you have done this semester discovering more about yourself, a part of you still feels the same way.

Talking about your intellectual identity through Intellectual Coloring Book and I Wrote This In…

The password to my phone is 134340.

The digits of Pluto’s identity.

For some reason I have always felt this affinity for that little planet, now not planet, all the way out in the galaxy. When it was announced that Pluto would no longer be a planet, I felt this sadness within me. Even though I was only five at the time, my bond with Pluto would increase over time and develop more meaning.

My identity is almost synonymous with Pluto. As I was bullied early in my childhood and could never quite find my place with other people, I…

I developed this habit of visualizing ideas within black and white.

Every sketch that I do for art classes is done by painting a regular white sheet of drawing paper with a layer of black acrylic paint and then drawing on top of that layer with white charcoal.

This habit developed in my art class last year when I decided to take my own artistic design choice for my perspective building sketch and do an inverse drawing where I drew in the negative space rather than the positive.

I noticed this connection that coincides with my thoughts that I had…

This topic came up recently in my ART 105 class because I am doing a group project with some of my classmates designing a billboard that looks into what is going in our country right now regarding asian hate.

Having a perspective on the Pacific Islander side of things, I sparked this conversation with my group members about the role that mothers play for their children, and in this case extended children.

There is this unspoken tradition of calling older women within the community aunties, as it is a form of respect.

I always would call friend’s moms from high…

Hi, this is just a reminder to do as I say and not as I do.

It’s good to drink water, so hopefully researching this and writing this will also somehow make my brain listen and put cup to mouth.

  • Your body needs water to survive. It’s your body’s principal chemical component, making up about 60% of your body weight! .__. What am I since I don’t drink like any water?
  • It can promote weight loss because it helps you feel full, drinking water may increase the amount of calories you burn. …

When I tell you that my sister can’t cook, she can’t cook.

Not only is her taste in food (in my opinion) absolute trash, but she does not use anything except a microwave. Don’t worry, she knows what I think about her food taste and cooking style, but she does it regardless.

During the pandemic, however, I have been attempting to expand her taste buds from small microwave pizza and tuna fish sandwiches. With the help of my mom of course.

Here are some recipes that we have tried to make her in substitute of chicken nuggets.

Verdict: She is…

During most of my time in high school, I had to quit playing video games so that not only could I attain the grades that I wanted but also narrowly balance all the extracurriculars that I piled on top of me.

There was always quite a lot on my plate.




Student Council

Swim Team

Honors Program

AP Classes

Fandom Club

Acting and Designing Sets


There just did not seem to be enough time in the world to actually play my favorite games and have a sense of community as I found new ones to play. Actually…

Yes, you did in fact read that title correctly.

Yeah, I’m still taking it in all too, don’t worry.

The day after my WRIT 150 class where we generously unpacked the WP2 projects of everyone, you could say I had my own little time to reflect on my work and my own intellectual identity in the ER. Overnight I had developed a sharp pain in my chest that just wouldn’t go away. Despite the overwhelming positivity I had felt the day before as a product of my own vulnerability in the form of Intellectual Coloring Book, my body seemingly wanted me to dive deeper.

Me in the ER, 2021.

Thus, I found myself in a cute lil green hospital gown (pants on thankfully), sitting…

Black & White are some of my most developed pigments, as they resemble beginning and ending points in my life and the monotony of it all.

As all of these colors flow in my mind, I often can relate more to the absence of them. At the lowest points in my life I have felt a deep lack of personality and independence. As a people pleaser and libra I have this need for balance, and that often comes at the expense of having a more prominent voice for myself.

It became all too easy for me to decline offers…

Kim Sieberg

USC Roski ‘24 Spend most of my time doing art and playing League of Legends 🤗

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