I developed this habit of visualizing ideas within black and white.

Every sketch that I do for art classes is done by painting a regular white sheet of drawing paper with a layer of black acrylic paint and then drawing on top of that layer with white charcoal.

This habit…

This topic came up recently in my ART 105 class because I am doing a group project with some of my classmates designing a billboard that looks into what is going in our country right now regarding asian hate.

Having a perspective on the Pacific Islander side of things, I…

During most of my time in high school, I had to quit playing video games so that not only could I attain the grades that I wanted but also narrowly balance all the extracurriculars that I piled on top of me.

There was always quite a lot on my plate.

Kim Sieberg

USC Roski ‘24 Spend most of my time doing art and playing League of Legends 🤗

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