I developed this habit of visualizing ideas within black and white.

Every sketch that I do for art classes is done by painting a regular white sheet of drawing paper with a layer of black acrylic paint and then drawing on top of that layer with white charcoal.

This habit developed in my art class last year when I decided to take my own artistic design choice for my perspective building sketch and do an inverse drawing where I drew in the negative space rather than the positive.

I noticed this connection that coincides with my thoughts that I had in Intellectual Coloring Book, mainly within the black and white section.

When I sketch, I consider my work to be unfinished, waiting to be developed into a coherent idea to the fullest extent. I mention how at the lowest points of my life I have felt this lack of personality that coincides with not being fully developed. Something not quite right, something missing.

Drawing this way makes me feel both detached and attached from the drawing so that I can both see it from the perspective of others and how they may read it. It also gives me a gateway into the work so that I can project my own story onto it.

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